Contested Divorce

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If you are involved in a contested divorce, it is likely you are experiencing frustration. In a contested divorce, one or both parties disagree on at least one issue. One party may simply refuse to cooperate. At the law firm of Peter Blueman & Associates, we understand your frustration. We stand ready to protect your rights, your future and your interests in contested matters.

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How is a contested divorce resolved?

In an uncontested divorce, the parties can reach agreement on all issues. In a contested divorce, the parties are unable to reach agreement on at least one issue. Attorney Peter Blueman has been practicing law since 1981, and he served for six years as an Alabama Family Court Judge. In contentious divorce matters, including complex property division, spousal support, child support and child custody, attorney Blueman applies his significant knowledge of the family court system. As a trial lawyer, he vigorously advocates for the best possible result in all matters on your behalf. Of course, not all contested divorces will see a courtroom. If negotiation is an option, we pursue this as well.

We handle contested child custody matters.

For many people, child custody and visitation is a hotly contested issue. Our law firm understands this, and we also recognize that custody arrangements made today will affect the parent-child relationship for years to come. We strive for custody arrangements that protect your rights and meet your need to spend time with your children. We also consistently strive to safeguard the best interests of the children.

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