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When children get into criminal trouble, they face consequences that could follow them for decades. A conviction could put a black mark on a child’s record that could hamper his or her future educational and job opportunities in significant ways.

At the law firm of  Blueman & Brown, we understand the high stakes of juvenile law cases and give our clients the best possible chance at ensuring a bright future for their children.

If your child has gotten into criminal trouble, we can help keep his or her record clean. Contact us today online or by phone at 205-888-8888 to speak with an experienced family law attorney. We represent clients throughout the Pelham and Birmingham area.

A Former Juvenile Court Judge on Your Side

At the law firm of Blueman & Brown, we have the required knowledge in family law as well as criminal law to provide our clients with exceptional service in juvenile court cases. We represent parents, grandparents and other interested parties who are dealing with children in family court.

Dependency Issues

Our family law attorneys also represent grandparent and other relatives in cases in which there is not a parent or guardian to care for the child. Properly handling these issues is of the utmost importance because the well being of the child hangs in the balance. Juvenile court proceedings can be extremely time-consuming. Having at attorney who understands the process can save you time and money. Attorney Peter Brown has dealt extensively with these issues as an attorney as well as a family court judge. This experience allows us to know how to present your case before the presiding judge as persuasively as possible. We understand how a juvenile case can affect your child’s life for the rest of his or her life. We will give you our best effort to protect your child or grandchild’s future. This same experience is invaluable in dealing with the workings of the Department of Human Resources (D.H.R.) and the social workers that are involved in your life and your child’s case.

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